About FMSA

FMSA Waste Management & Recycling consolidates various waste management disciplines into ONE turnkey solution guided by our Zero Waste to Landfill approach. We are committed to helping businesses move towards sending zero waste to landfill and incurring zero waste cost. We operate from 40 client sites and FMSA proudly supports the Green Deeds Recycling centre in Waltloo through a management partnership.

At the Buy-Back Centre, a safe and pleasant environment is provided for households, schools and small businesses to get involved in recycling. The Buy-Back Centre is also the hub for initiatives to support street waste pickers.

Our Values

FMSA conducts services with sound corporate governance, compliance and business ethics. In all our operations we uphold our values to do what is right, what is best and what is fair, while delivering value to our customers and shareholders. Operating with integrity in all our business relationships is at the centre of our Group sustainability strategy. Our core values are:


To constantly act in a respectful and professional manner that promotes trust, loyalty, transparency and accountability, and a commitment to honesty and fairness at all times.


To continually strive to be the best through exceptional performance, employee satisfaction, and through effective, ethical supplier relationships.

Customer Satisfaction

To be passionate and committed to service delivery of the highest standards that exceeds our internal and external customers’ expectations.


To foster an environment that nurtures innovative people who are committed to continuous improvement through creative, ethical solutions.

Industry Compliance

  • FMSA is a member of the Institute of Waste Management of South Africa and subscribes to and has adopted the IWMSA Code of Ethics.
  • FMSA subscribes to every aspect of the National Environmental Management Waste Act, 2008 (SEMA) and adopts the internationally recognized waste management hierarchy. This waste management hierarchy recommends that only a very small amount of waste must be disposed or buried on land.

Our Management Team

Eugene van NiekerkChief Executive Officer

(Bcom, HBS-ACCION Harvard)

Eugene currently oversees strategic development and expansion within FMSA in an executive capacity. Eugene holds various positions as Chief Executive Officer and non-executive director in a number of companies within the financial services, insurance, manufacturing and franchise industries and has been involved in the listing of private companies on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Elmar GrobbelaarChief Financial Officer

(B Compt., B Compt. Hons., CA (SA))

Elmar has previously held various positions as Chief Financial Officer in the financial services, insurance and manufacturing sectors. He has extensive experience in overseeing an organisation’s entire financial function including statutory reporting, identification and review of new business opportunities, merger and acquisitions activities, due diligence investigations, risk management, development of appropriate financial reporting and financial models, budget and activity models, corporate governance and compliance as well as stakeholder engagement management.

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Tel: 012 942 5276
E-mail: sales@fmsa.co.za


Tel: 012 942 5276 or 062 110 6221
E-mail: logistics@fmsa.co.za


Tel: 012 942 5276
E-mail: finance@fmsa.co.za