The FMSA Group is committed to complying with the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Codes. As a Group, we embrace transformation in order to advance social and economic development amongst previously disadvantaged individuals. Transformation is driven by our executive committee to ensure that initiatives are implemented across all levels within the Group.


The FMSA operating model provides a platform that allows South African corporates to contribute to environmental protection, employment creation, enterprise development and supplier development as part of their BBBEE expenditure.

To support this initiative, the FMSA Group aims to establish an independent Black Owned Trust, which would hold the majority and controlling share of the FMSA  Buy-Back Centres (BBC). These FMSA BBCs would form the core of the “safe havens” for the street waste pickers to sell their hard-earned commodities without being exploited, whether from a fair price, accurate weight or client care perspective.

The aim of this Empowerment Trust will be to enable, train and educate South African street waste pickers. These street waste pickers and SMMEs will be the sole beneficiaries of this Trust. Corporates will be able to utilise this platform for their Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) and Supplier Development (SD) expenditure and ultimately contribute to their BBBEE Scorecard. The initiative would also be supported by all recognized BBBEE rating agencies in South Africa.

FMSA proudly supports Green Deeds Recycling through a management partnership. This significant partnership aims to change the landscape of recycling in South Africa. Green Deeds Recycling has been funded by the National Lotteries Commission and together we believe we can make a huge difference.

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