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FMSA is affiliated to industry leading organisations in the fields of waste removal and waste management. We are proud of the memberships and partnerships that we have with innovative organizations that are leading the way in reducing the environmental footprint of the industries and communities we work with. Together with our partners, we use the latest research and solutions toward our principles of Zero Waste.

FMSA has entered into a strategic management partnership with Green Deeds Recycling (GDR). GDR is funded by the NLC for environmental protection, conservation and programmes that focus on waste management and pollution control. GDR aims to improve the environment, job creation and sustainable livelihoods.

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National Waste Management Strategy Alignment

The National Waste Management Strategy (NWMS) identified numerous waste management challenges within South Africa. These challenges include a growing population and economy with a historical backlog of waste services and general absence of a recycling infrastructure. This has, and continues, to place growing pressure on outdated waste management infrastructure, with declining levels of capital investment and maintenance.

The launch of the Good Green Deeds Programme by President Ramaphosa is not only recognition of the challenges we face but also a step towards an integrated and aligned approach to find solutions for this universal challenge. In addition to the waste management challenges, South Africa is faced with a far bigger problem insofar as the social pressures created by a high unemployment rate. As of October 2018, the South African unemployment rate is 27.5% with a high concentration in the youth (38%) and female (29.5%) population groups (Statistics South Africa Quarterly Labour Force Survey 2018).

South African Unemployment Rate

Unemployed Youth Population Group

Unemployed Female Population Group

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